Pig Ears


Are you tired of your furry friend looking bored with their usual snacks? It’s time to bring home the bacon—literally! Introducing pig ears: the ultimate, oink-tastic treat that’ll have your doggo squealing with delight!

Packed with drool-worthy flavour and a crunch that’ll keep them entertained for hours, these tasty snacks are more than just a treat—they’re a dental hygiene hero! Say goodbye to tartar and hello to fresh breath kisses. Locally sourced and naturally air dried, these high protein, digestible chews support muscle maintenance and joint health and mobility.

Perfect for the pup who loves a good chew, dried pig ears are the ear-resistible way to show your pet some love. Grab some today and watch your pet’s happiness soar to new ear-as! 🐷🎉

Sizes may vary but expect each scrummo delish treat to weigh around  30-50g and consist of 15cm x 10cm of chewable goodness.