Little Bits for Little Doggos


Give your furry friend the natural goodness they deserve with our premium dehydrated meat treats for dogs. Packed with essential nutrients, these treats are a convenient and delicious way to provide your doggo with a wholesome snack. Our carefully crafted dehydration process locks in the flavours and nutrients of real meat, making each bite a savoury delight. With NO additives and a focus on quality, our treats are perfect for training, dental health, and rewarding your dog’s unconditional love. Elevate their diet with the protein-rich goodness they crave, while ensuring their overall well-being. Treat your loyal companion to the best – because they deserve nothing less!

These ‘clean skin’ bags of treats contain small offcuts of meat, which are perfect for cats, small dogs, and/or as conveniently sized training treats.

Liver min 150g, Roo Jerky min 120g, Chicken min 100g, Roo Hide min 50g